How to explore


Drag the cursor to look left, right, up and down as you wish. In some locations you’ll be able to switch to see how the streets appeared pre-invasion.


To take a closer look, double-click to zoom-in and zoom-out again.


Click the direction controls on the street pointing where you want to go.


Select another city or street view to explore by clicking the menu icon in the top right. Please note: locations have varied limits to what you can explore — some are longer, some shorter.

One of the biggest weapons of war will always be the truth. So to mark one year since the invasion and terror began, come see for yourself the undeniable truth of a crime that has and is still being inflicted on the people of Ukraine. Through Street View, walk the streets of 6 Ukrainian cities and regions that have found themselves on the front line and witness the Russian aggression against civilian infrastructure up close.